The Erotic Invitation

Erotica is the act of making the unconscious shadow self conscious and manifest.

Erotica does not come from running away from, shaming, or burying our shadows. It comes from honouring and recognising them.

Erotica is not about sex and fucking; erotica is sensual exploration of creativity from a heart centered space.

Erotica is found by listening: listening for authenticity- for our own authenticity, and for the authenticity of others.


The performer on stage inspires, awakens. They show us what can be done. They encourage us to celebrate our quirkiness, our creativity, our fetishes, our desires, our geekiness, our wildness. They invite us to feel safe in expressing the fullness of who we are.

With the DJ as guide, we dance on a pathway to authentic discovery. We are given the space to explore our selves- our bodies, our minds, our very spirits.


Dancing is a vertical expression of a horizontal desire. It allows us to explore those physical boundaries and connections with others within a safe and sensual space.The dance floor can be where the awkward, body conscious, shy, embarrassed, unloved, lonely, angry, depressed spirit is granted the opportunity to explore new dimensions of being.

Music invites us to unleash our passions in a conscious and inquisitive way.


We invite you to be open: mind, body, and soul. We offer you the experience that intimacy doesn’t always mean sex, and that sensual expression can be a way to release the baggage of shame. We welcome you to let go of the shame that drives us each towards self destruction and delirious confusion- because we believe that a world without shame around sexuality is a world that would be much safer for all of us.

Feel safe, feel fulfilled. We encourage you to take home with you the freedom that you feel here and put it towards something that is important to you.


We ask you to explore finding the balance between your light and your shadow, to dive in to radical sensual exploration, to discover intimacy and passion that is inspired from the heart, a new breed of creative kink that honours the sacredness of the human body and soul, and the incredibly liberating power of dancing in- and celebrating- the erotica of our own spirits.


In a world without shame, a world with authenticity, a world where we consensually explore our creativity together- imagine what we could build together.


We ask you to join us in this collective and cultural climax.


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