“I first attended Erotica Electronica through a volunteer position in Feb 2015. I was a bit intimidated by the type of event, but I thought as a volunteer, it would be the perfect opportunity to check it out. Within 15 minutes of being there, my mind was blown away, because it was so much more than I could have ever imagined. I’m 39, and I have been going to music type events for over 20 years, and I can’t even think of one event where I was not approached, touched, groped, grinded, hugged, or grabbed unwantedly or without asking me. I have even had to resort to wearing pants to some venues because people have tried to put their hands up my skirt and touch areas where they really really really shouldn’t (no kidding). After my volunteer shift was over, I remained at the event. It was the first time in 20+ years I was able to just stand and enjoy the scene, the music and all the wonderful artists. No one touched me, no one groped me, no one even talked to me without asking if they may be in my space first. I was beyond comfortable and so impressed. Thank you Mel, thank you to all the organizers, participants and volunteers who make this safe, wonderful and consensual event possible. Everyone should experience this at least once. The culture present at EE is how it should be at all events. Safe, simple (as in simple rules to create the culture) , effective, and respectful. I am looking forward to attending the entire event this time, not as a volunteer, but as a fan of the event and everything it represents.”
~Anon, Vancouver

“I just wanted to come back to the page and write about something that was one my mind. This was my first time attending an EE event, and I was very impressed.

Since the event there has been a buzz. I have had many conversations about the event and have overheard other conversations as well. People seem to be impressed with this gathering in a more-profound-than-usual way… and I wanted to start a conversation as to WHY this is. Here are some of my thoughts to get things started, but when you are done reading go ahead and post your thoughts and feelings as well.

– The leadership at the event was strong.
Mel has such a strong presence and is able to get everyone on board with the aspects of the event due to an excellent ability to speak and lead. Mya is a powerful spirit animal who can guide the vibe of an event like a conductor guides an orchestra. All night from the mic, the crowd was being spoken to and were included in what was unfolding. We were informed on aspects of the event that we could focus on. We were led by strong leadership… and as a result we felt included and looked after.

I know I say this at the risk of sounding like a fanboy, but as a person who has also promoted a few events I have earned the right to gush a little.

– The volunteers and entertainment were professional and strong.
The entertainment was fantastic, from the DJs to the dancers to the kinky stuff. The volunteers were upbeat and committed to helping make this a great event, and you could really feel their enthusiasm.

– The theme of the event was focused and strong.
The consent-driven focus of the event helped nurture feelings of empowerment and safety. It was sex-positive and shame-minimal. The conversation and flirting was upbeat and fun. Everyone had the chance to be abundantly sexy while trusting that the ground beneath them would not give way.

– The FB event page was excellent.
In the age of Facebook promotion, this is no small point. All of the artists were showcased in the weeks leading up. The mission statement was clear and strong. A lot of encouragement and anticipation was shared leading up to the day. This was an excellent example of how good a FB event page can be.

– There was no booze on site.
Considering that I almost never go to events that do not have booze readily available, I MUST count this among one of the many reasons why this event was great. For one, a consenting “YES!” has to be one that is sober and strong. Plus I didn’t see any gongshows, nor a single flail. Something about the non-drunkenness of the room encouraged safety and mindfulness.

– LOTS of different social groups attended.
After all, we are most of us hybrid people, typically not belonging to any one social scene. After arriving, I began to realize that lots of friends from many of my subset groups were in attendance. There were hippies and goths and burners and kinksters and ravers and circus people, and that is just scratching the surface. The crowd was profoundly pluralistic. I am still trying to distill the common thread that we were all there to enjoy, so as to identify and nurture it. Perhaps the sex-positive and consent culture themes were just what everyone was looking for and relieved to find?

There are lots of other aspects to consider, and plenty of intangibles and x-factors as well… but are we ushering in a new golden-age of parties in Vancouver?”

~Jeremy, Vancouver


“This was my first event of the kind where there was no drinking, and good feelings all around. It was so amazing to dress up however you like, and have no fear or repercussions. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly. The shows were amazing and the atmosphere felt like home. I loved the fact there was a room that was quieter where you could talk and chill and meet people. One of my friends saw suspension for the first time and was so fascinated by it. It’s a good introduction for many people to be in touch with their sexual nature and be okay with it. As something society tends to repress, being able to encounter it in an open environment, and beautiful people was inspiring, I really enjoyed the event and I hope that Mel and the team has opportunities to do more!”

~Hanna, Vancouver


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